Terms and Conditions
Be Fair,Stay Fair
Code of Conduct
no scam
no theft
no spamming
no insult/hate speeches
no racism
no sexicism
no mobbing
no black mailing
no OP-inquiry
no hacks
no advertising for the third parties
no instigation to riot
no offensive skins/nicknames
no killing of player mobs
no misuse of bugs
no request of ban or kick
no destruction of players' protected construction
no arguments in the global chat (Use privat chat!)
no posting of personal data (passwords, etc.)
PvP only in PvP-zones
players mutal respect (tit for tat)

Building Regulations
no 1x1 towers
no traps in order to kill players
no giant farms (maximum 12 animals per 16x16 blocks area)
no fully automatic farms
no AFK-machines
All redstone automations must have an off-lever and be turned off by leaving the server.
Hold the distance of 500 blocks between different players' construction sites.

Terms of Worlds
Construction-worlds are designed to build in.
Quest-world is to quest in.
Farm-world is to farm in. (It will be reseted regularly).

Mods & Hacks

All "hacks" and "cheats" are strictly forbidden and are subject to penalties.

no fly-hacks/Freecam
no X-Ray/wall-hacks
no aim/toolbots
no damage-minimizer
no speed-hacks
no player-/path-finder
no spammer
no kill-hacks
no potion-tick-hacks
no automods/hacks

Inventory Tweaks
More Player Models


The violation of our regulations is subject to penalties. Our server uses plugins to detect anomalies, and a chatfilter to prevent spamming and insults. The admins and the software will punish as follows.

Hacks & cheats will be immediately punished with a permanent ban.

Misuse of a bug will be punished with a permanent ban. Player must inform an admin about the bug. In some cases player will be rewarded for the information.

Usage of forbidden mods will be punished by ...
a) short temporary ban for the first violation.
b) extended ban for multiple violations.

Spamming will be punished with muting. In case ofmultiple violations, player will get a temporary ban.

In case of violating the code of conduct player will be punished with a temporary ban. In case of multiple violations, player will get a permanent ban.

In case of violating the building regulations player will be warned twice. In case of further violations the illegal construction will be deleted by an admin.

By using insults/hate speeches player will be muted or kicked off the server.